Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

Here at this treasure trove of great innovations, the last post looked at Valentines day as one of the great commercial gift giving and receiving dates in the calendar. Now I'll turn my attention to the more spiritual, or natural side of the beautiful process of giving and receiving a gift.

The entire concept of giving and receiving is an important one as it provides a balance between the two sides of this enjoyable process. Setting aside the obvious commercial side of giving and receiving a gift, let's look at the feeling side of this happy event.

Giver and Receiver

To receive a gift is always a joyous occasion as it fills the receiver with good feelings of being appreciated, thought of and admired and of course gratitude for being given the gift. For the giver of a gift, similarly good feelings are experienced, because upon seeing the happiness on the face of the receiver, it fills the heart with gladness and joy.

So does a gift have to be something expensive bought from a store to be appreciated more? Or can a gift be something quite simple and still be equally appreciated by the recipient? The answer is that a gift can be anything that transfers the happiness and thoughtfulness of the giver to the receiver. It is a common belief in many cultures that whenever you visit a person that you should always bring a gift to gladden that person's heart and spread the feelings of goodness and joy.

Anything Given with a Good Heart is Good

In this sense the gift can be anything you want it to be. It can be a store bought item wrapped in decorated paper and tied with a ribbon, or it can be something much simpler, such as a flower, or a compliment.

The physical appearance of a gift does not matter so much as the thought put into bringing it to its recipient. Any gift will be accepted with equal amounts gratitude as long as it is given in the manner that it was intended, which is as a simple act of kindness.

Always Give Something

So next time you intend to visit someone, bring them a gift, no matter how simple. As long as it is given with an open heart, it will be received in similar fashion and you will brightened the day of not just one person, but of both people who are thus bonded by the process of giving and receiving.

There are many great gift ideas that you can draw from within your own imagination that don't always need to be expensive or elaborate to still be highly valued and appreciated. So go ahead and brighten up someone's day with a simple, yet appropriate gift that is openly given from the heart and you will experience a similar feeling of gladness and joy for bringing that little ray of sunshine into someone's heart.