Give Him a Smart Money Clip

Give Him a Smart Money Clip

Most guys that carry their cash and cards around in a wallet tend to also carry around a bunch of other stuff in there that gets in the way whenever they need to get at their dollar bills or fish out the right credit card to make a purchase in a store.

It usually happens when the store is busy and he's holding up the queue at the checkout because he's fiddling around in there pulling out stuff that has nothing to do with cash! So if you're stuck for an idea on what to get him for a birthday or other occasion, hare is something that might make a big difference in his life.

Practical and Inventive

As practical gifts go, you will make someone very happy by getting them one of those smart money clips to organize their cash and credit cards. They are small, light and inconspicuous in his pocket as well as being a creative and inventive present.

What's more, he can only get bills and cards in there so whenever he needs to make a fast payment in a store, he can get straight to the necessary medium to make his purchase! Another great aside is that because a money clip doesn't make a bulge in a pocket, it is less visible to pick-pockets than is a fat wallet full of stuff.

Difficult to Buy For?

Here is the perfect gift for the guy who is difficult to buy for, cause he has most everything you can think of. Chances are he won't have one of these little beauties!

So check out his wallet when he doesn't think you are looking and see what junk comes out of there next time he is paying for something in a store or rooting around in there trying to find his credit card to pay for a meal in a restaurant.

If he's really disorganized and pulling out small photos, old bills, scraps of paper with phone numbers on and all kinds of other stuff, then he really needs a smart money clip to organize his cash and his most used cards!