Gifts That Use Nylon Straps

Gifts That Use Nylon Straps

There are some strange kinds of items that get given as gifts and plenty that are not so strange, but the first thought of anyone who intends giving a gift of a nylon strap conjures up an image of a length of tough nylon strapping like the kind used by tow trucks to pull your car out of the snow or mud!

But of course, when you look at this more closely, you will see that these durable straps have loads of applications and make up the safety part of many great gifts. Here we will take a loon at some of the ways in which the humble nylon straps (see: nylon strap for more info) are used to create, enhance and enrich certain kinds of gifts.

Securing Luggage

The first and most obvious application of a nylon strap is in personal luggage, backpacks, airline bags, sports bags, carry-alls and the like. Now, if you couldn't see it before, you can now! the handles, straps and safety harnesses of all kinds of bags and luggage containers are best made from nylon because it is so strong, durable and long lasting.

It's also great for securing kids indoor play tents to stop them falling over when the kids start playing rough!

It doesn't suffer from moisture ingress, doesn't go out of shape and doesn't rot. It is very difficult to tear and some straps can't even be cut easily with scissors or knives.


Another application is for wrist watch straps. While many people prefer the metallic type, or a good leather watch strap, the nylon alternative is also very popular, especially in less expensive models where a brightly colored, lightweight and secure strap is preferred over the more traditional materials.

Some watches have garish nylon straps as part of the trademark appearance of the watch, so there is plenty of scope for a huge variety of different styles and designs.


There are also nylon musical instrument straps for guitars mainly and also others like saxophones. They are also preferred in many cases because of their strength and durability and the fact that they are long lasting and reliable, traits that are important when you are trusting an expensive musical instrument that may cost several thousands of dollars to a strap.

Then there are the more mundane applications of nylon strapping, such as the aforementioned two ropes that actually make a practical gift for a man who actually works as a tow truck driver or is often in situations where his vehicle is off road and may need to be towed out of muddy conditions. Nylon strapping is also used in some areas for home refurbishment by builders and again can make good practical gifts for guys who use them.

However you think of them, straps made of nylon are versatile, strong and reliable making them perfect for their many applications that lend themselves to be given and received as gifts for any number of occasions.